1. European leadership on climate protection

European leadership in tackling the climate crisis is critical to driving global action. As a leading clean tech country Finland can create new jobs and growth through low-carbon solutions.

2. New jobs through innovation and business

Europe can recover from the financial crisis by focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises, fighting tax evasion and balancing state budgets. The Union must develop the internal market further and invest in innovation.

3. Towards social Europe

The financial crisis has turned into a social crisis, locking young people into unemployment. We need a European youth guarantee and better opportunities for young people to move in search of education, training and jobs.

4. Stronger Europe, Stronger Finland

Europe can only flourish through reform and renewal. Red tape must be cut, transparency increased and doors kept open for new member states. A common economy also requires common decision-making.

5. Europe: Equality for Everyone

Europe cannot afford to lose anyone’s skills through discrimination or poverty. Europe must be a vocal defender of human rights, both inside and outside the Union. Attempts to infringe on privacy must be stopped.