2019 English

I am a 41-year-old climate policy specialist, entrepreneur and Master of Social Sciences from Tampere. I used to serve as a Member of Parliament in 2004–15. I am also a board member of the European Green Party.

I look for solutions to the climate crisis, education challenges and inequality. I want to build bridges over borders. Watch my campaign video (subtitles in English).

I have travelled in about 60 countries and lived in Brussels and New Delhi. I speak fluent English and decent Swedish and I have also studied some German, Japanese and French.

All Finnish citizens – including those with a dual citizenship – can vote in the parliamentary elections. Pre-polling will take place in Finland on April 3–9 and the actual voting day is April 14. Outside of Finland you can vote at Finnish consulates or by mail.

You can support my campaign in many ways. If you want to take part, send me a message!

Campaign issues

  1. Solutions to the climate crisis
  • build a carbon-neutral Finland by 2030 through phasing out fossil fuels
  • invest in fast trains to Helsinki and local trains in Pirkanmaa
  • introduce zero taxes to cars with zero emissions
  • tax work less and pollution more

  1. Solutions to inequality and poverty
  • reform social security towards basic income
  • introduce a parental leave of 6 + 6 + 6 months
  • provide social credits to people in debt
  • guarantee the right to therapy under mental health services

  1. Solutions to exclusion and education challenges
  • guarantee genuinely free high and vocational schools
  • ensure a right to a hobby for every child and youth
  • increase funding to higher education, science and research
  • introduce fair rules to new forms of work

  1. Solutions to unemployment and economic challenges
  • prioritise small businesses in legislation and social security
  • move funds from harmful subsidies to reforming the economy
  • kickstart circular economy and digitalisation with pilot projects
  • fight tax evasion and ensure competitive taxation